The Battle of Chickamauga

I grew up outside of Chattanooga TN, nestled in the hills and ridges of North Georgia. I have always felt like I was a good example of a newly evolved generation of southern culture.  When I was in my early 20’s and traveling outside of the south I ran into a lot of people who make the South a joke or have preset ideas that we are hillbillies or rednecks.  Uneducated and racist. That’s not my south. So many misunderstandings. I told them the story of my south growing up with roots so deep they kept bringing me back. I was raised to tell stories to keep our history passed down.  I was able to weave together the lush mountains and beautiful rivers I roamed all over. And the trees. I love trees so very much. They are all unique in some way. I spent most of my childhood in the woods. A happy hiker. The Battlefield was basically a place to get lost in history with a beautiful background growing up. The house I live in now is on land that was the Battery for The Battle of Missionary Ridge. We still find relics from the troops in our backyard. I have an ongoing series of The Chickamauga Battlefield National Park. In this assignment I wanted to show the monuments, the cannons, and The Brotherton house, chinked with Georgia red clay. It blows my mind now as an adult that all this area was a war zone not so many generations ago. I hope you enjoy the way I see a part of my south.

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Here are the statistics from September 19–20, 1863

The second highest number of casualties in the war following the Battle of Gettysburg.

Union Army 
1,657 killed 
9,756 wounded 
4,757 captured/missing 

Confederate Army 
2,312 killed 
14,674 wounded 
1,468 captured/missing